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Lithium battery - Energy storage - Solar energy - Mobile charging - Frequency balancing


    OX-Power Power sources

    Your latest generation of (contractor) machinery requires a sustainable power source.
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 Lithium battery - Energy storage - Solar energy - Mobile charging - Frequency balancing

Hybrid and energy storage systems!

Scandvolt's hybrid and energy storage systems offer an innovative solution to ensure a constant and reliable energy supply for facilities. By integrating power modules with solar, wind, and hydropower, as well as connecting them to energy storage stations such as batteries, the system enables efficient use of renewable energy sources and minimizes the plant's carbon footprint. The sustainable and versatile nature of Scandvolt's system makes it a powerful tool to promote the transition to greener and more sustainable energy use in various industries.

How does a hybrid and energy storage system work?

The hybrid and energy storage system generates energy from sun, wind and water when available. The power module is used when the original source is not available, e.g. at night or during maintenance. Battery storage is essential to use stored energy when needed and reduce fuel consumption. This flexibility makes the system a reliable solution for continuous access to electricity.

Your partner in the electrification of construction machinery

At ScandVolt we are dedicated to helping the construction industry evolve towards a more sustainable and efficient future. Our expertise in electric drive technology enables us to provide high-quality solutions that meet industry needs.

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Service all the way

Questions may arise during the production or maintenance of your machines. Technical questions. Our battery specialists are happy to give you advice and support.

Get paid easily

Through our third-party solution, you as a customer can determine the price per kWh! All online charging is done automatically when the prices are at their lowest!

Short time to market

We help you quickly electrify your models. Our product range is easily configurable. And we are committed to close collaboration and short lead times. För din marknad is waiting. We deliver to you in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Power sources, solar energy systems and electric machine charging: Our main brands

Optimize fuel costs with our hybrid solution that charges the energy storage unit at reduced power demand, providing high efficiency and more quiet hours. Hybrid power stations reduce site actions, minimize logistics and safety risks, and provide reliable power even in inaccessible locations. Get power where it's needed with minimal ecological impact and enjoy quiet and sustainable power from the charged module. Ensure reliable energy supply with multiple energy sources and take advantage of fast plug-and-play connectivity for a flexible and environmentally friendly energy solution.





Optimizing energy storage




European Design for your safety!

All our power sources and electric car charging are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe as well as tested & certified by the respective local bodies and Work Environment Authority. In addition, we are quality and environmentally approved - everything so that you feel safe and secure when you use our products.